Pixie’s Outdoor Canvas: A Blend of Beauty, Art, and Resilience


A Canvas on the Street: Transforming Pixie Beauty Salon’s Facade into a Masterpiece

In the heart of Bangkok, near the bustling Thonglor area, lies a quaint beauty haven – Pixie Beauty Salon and Cafe. This salon is not just a place for transformation but a locale where aesthetics meet artistry, even before you step inside. The facade of Pixie Beauty Salon recently got a facelift, not with bricks and paint, but with the strokes of creativity by the team at Art-Schmart.


The project was born out of the salon owner’s desire to have an iconic mural of a woman’s face adorned with beautiful hair, symbolizing the essence of transformation that every customer experiences at Pixie. The exterior pink wall of the building provided a perfect canvas, but it also posed a challenge to ensure the mural complements the ambiance of the salon and the adjoining cafe.


The mural, measuring 3.6 x 2.4 meters, was a canvas that required meticulous planning and execution. The close proximity to the street eliminated the possibility of using a projector for drafting the mural. Our workaround was the age-old method of using a tape measure to create grid lines, setting the stage for freehand drawing. Every stroke thereafter was a blend of precision and creativity.

Rainy weather added another layer of complexity to the project. With an outdoor wall as our canvas and the heavens opening up quite frequently, time management was crucial. Protective measures were taken to ensure the wall remained unaffected by the rain, and our work could proceed unhindered.

Over three days, amidst the pitter-patter of rain and the hustle and bustle of the city, the mural came to life. Each day saw the face on the wall evolving, with luscious hair flowing over, embodying the essence of transformation that Pixie Beauty Salon stands for.

In Conclusion

The unveiling of the mural brought smiles and a sense of fulfillment. The client was overjoyed with the result, a sentiment that resonated with every member of our team. Today, the mural stands as a testament to the skill and passion that drives us at Art-Schmart.

Pixie Beauty Salon and Cafe, located at 16 soi Chaem-chan, Bangkok, is not just a place for a beauty transformation; it’s now a locale where the exterior is as enchanting as the transformations happening inside.

If you’re inspired and want a mural that tells your story, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Art-Schmart, we’re all about turning bland walls into captivating stories, one stroke at a time!


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